About Us


PT-Med Management Inc. meets the needs of a wide variety of practices and businesses. Our goal is to help you get started or to help you improve your existing practice. Remember, if you don't get paid; we don't get paid. It is to our mutual benefit to collect the full reimbursement for services rendered.

Our services are fully integrated. Our comprehensive business services will relieve you of the responsibility of managing multiple vendor relationships and save you money as well.  Instead of having to seek out and ride herd on multiple service companies like payroll managers or staffing consultants, we have EVERYTHING under one roof.

We coordinate everything in a much more functional way that frees up your time and reduces your stress. How you run your practice is your business. We have no ownership in your practice and will not manage you in any sort of clinical capacity. Our Physical Therapy Billing Services simply relieve you of administrative work which allows you to concentrate on quality patient care.

You can start immediately!  Fully implement all of the PT-Med Management, Inc. Services.